Shoe bags for the school fair


How many of us find walking in heals hard … yet love the look of them?

Here is a little bag to put your smart shoes in on your way to work (or even in your suitcase) and can easily swap into them when you get to the office.

The bag is made from a Fat Quarter folded into 2 with a pocket at the top to run a cord through and a cute shoe applique on the from using my Sizzix Big Shot.

They came out quite well – I’m making lots of things for our school fair (yup 10 shoe bags now done!!)

Shoe bags

Shoe bags


Pi Shawl – now complete


I loved knitting this Pi Shawl in the last edition of  Love of Knitting

I was give a fantastic voucher to Morris and Son’s in Melbourne city center – and choose some great yarn.

It took a little while to knit – about 4 months!! Surprisingly it wasn’t too difficult and I did make it a bit bigger to use up all they yarn I had as I couldn’t think what else to do with half a ball of lace weight blue!!

This is how it turned out.


Wheat bag pattern


I love a good wheat bag – we use them all the time – hot and cold.

They are super easy to make – fantastic for fund raisers too.

• 1 20cm (6inch) x 45cm (18inch) feature fabric

• 1 20cm (6inch) x 45cm (18inch) backing fabric

• matching thread

• about 4 cups wheat or rice

note: fabric should be cotton or natural fibres as they need to stand up to being microwaved.

Wheat can be be bought at the supermarket or pet shop. Rice works just as well and easier to find!


1. Put right side of each fabric together.

2. Sew round 3 sides of the rectangle – leaving a short side open. Tip – shorten your stitch length to make it a little stronger

3. Turn right side out – take care in pushing out the corners.

4. ¾ fill the bag with wheat or rice

5. Turn the ends under to create a neat edge – and top stitch over

Enjoy your wheat bag

 Pop in freezer to keep cold for emergencies

 Put flat in the microwave for 2 mins – with a cup of water. Check the temperature is Ok

Note: wheat bags should be replaced each year and can’t be washed!!

A week of finishing


We went on hols for the school break to Port Macquarie – which is a 2 day drive from Melbourne. I get a bit travel sick – so doing things where I have to concentrate – like hand sewing is tricky – So I knit…. You don’t have to look at every stitch

On the trip I nearly finished this jacket – why does the last little bit and sewing up always take so long???

The jacket pattern is called “Opening Night” and it’s from The Love of Knitting mag

Its made from a blend of wool and bamboo from Bendigo Woollen Mills which was lovely to knit with

Here are some pics as I had to wear it today!!! Although its supposed to be 30′ today so maybe not my best idea!!




Scarf finished


Many of you know I’m a bit of a fidget … Not so good at sitting still (I blame my beautiful Grandma – the devil makes use of idle hands philosophy and an Amazing sewer and knitter)
I’m to vane to sit on the train with my glasses on to read and sew (I still find it weird looking up with my reading glasses on!!) so I tend to knit instead

I haven’t really blogged about these knits – but this one turned out really well and it’s quick

It’s Nympalidea from Knitty

I used two hand dyed yarns one a 2 ply lace weight and the other sock yarn 4 ply – both hand dyed





P’s & Q’s


I had such a lovely day with the Ps & Qs Guild – I love taking the shop to quilting groups – I love seeing lots of different styles of quilting – meeting great friendly people

It’s always interesting to see the culture of each group and how they run their meetings

I was lucky enough to be invited on the day the Ps & Qs collected their charity quilts – they had made over 170 quilts to give to the Police to give to people in crisis – what a lovely group

Here is a not very good pic – but just look at the piles if quilts….

Thank you so much for inviting me